How to Contact Your New York Local and Statewide Representative & Demand Day One Equity by March 15th, 2019

Adult recreational use cannabis legislation is right around the corner. This will be an important moment for those who reside in the state of New York, in particular the people who have been gravely impacted by the unjust war on drugs. Equity, reparative justice, and the rebuilding of communities should be at the core of legislation. It is not enough to say opportunities will be created for the primarily Black and non-White Latinx communities that have been hit hardest by incarceration, but we must see those changes in the creation of incubators, job readiness programs, jobs with a livable wage, entrepreneurial opportunities, interest free loans and grants, and a substantial amount of proceeds from cannabis taxes going back to disenfranchised communities.

“The only way to see change is to hold our representatives at the State and Federal level accountable. Please join Cannaclusive in demanding equity from day one.”

Here's one easy action you can take to inform your reps you support a fair and equitable cannabis industry, and the repairing of communities in New York: 

  1. Download our letter, HERE.  

  2. Address your Assemblyperson and/or Senator directly (one for each representative you choose), fill in your information. 

  3. E-sign or print and sign the letter.  

  4. Sending the letter by snail mail? Include your name and address on the envelope. 

  5. Alternatively you can copy and paste, then email the letter to your representative. However, physical mail creates a greater impact.

  6. If you're not sure who to send the letter to use this link Assemblyperson or this link Senator to find out.

  7. Download and share our action on social media to get your family, friends, followers ... everyone to demand #EQUITYDAYONE.

If you need convincing here are a few articles explaining this position:

The War on Drugs - From Prohibition to the Gold Rush narrated Jay-Z (2016) Produced by Dream Hampton and Drug Policy AllianceThe Mysterious History of Marijuana - (2013) NPR
Co-Founder of Cannaclusive talks chronic illness as a woman of color, the white-washing of cannabis, and de-stigmatizing cannabis in black & brown communities - (2018) Maria and Jane Podcast


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