Elio CBD x Soothing Salve

There are so many things to love about Elio’s CBD x Soothing Salve. First, it’s a product from the Hollingsworth family (you may recognize them from The Hollingsworth Company). Second, this recipe comes straight from Auntie Jackie and she’s been working on it for eight years, to help her 98-year old mom and quadriplegic husband. Third, it works and smells really good while doing its job (technically a fourth thing, but whatever).

Sometimes you just don’t know what you’re going to get with CBD products. However, I knew I could trust Elio because of the family name behind the brand. Besides 500mg of full spectrum hemp CBD, Elio’s salve is made with good stuff like anti-inflammatory olive oil and ginger oil; and antioxidant rich coconut oil, grape seed oil, and Vitamin E.

The peppermint-coconut scent is a dream for the olfactory nerve and preferred over the antiseptic odor of other CBD topicals I’ve used. Initially the salve goes on oily; however, it is quickly absorbed into the skin and provides lasting moisture thanks to hemp seed oil.

I prefer to try a product as many times as possible before a review because there are so many variables. The soothing salve was used to treat a backache, migraine (personally, peppermint has been helpful with less severe migraines), and most recently an injured knee after a 13 hour work day in Denver. More about the knee … I’m a two time cancer survivor which means my bones, muscle, and teeth have been weakened by chemotherapy. On top of that, I just turned 40. After massaging the salve into my knee and the surrounding area––with ice and elevation––I went all in; I applied the minty topical to my back, shoulders, temples, and feet. I cocooned myself in CBD and it felt so good. So. Good. While my knee wasn’t fully functional I did wake up in a lot less pain considering I was screaming in a car a few hours prior. Elio CBD x Soothing Salve is exactly what I  imagine it would be like to get a hug from Auntie Jackie.

Bonus: Elio CBD x Soothing Salve makes a great scalp treatment in a pinch.

Cost: $60 USD for 2oz (60ml) 

Disclosure: A complimentary CBD x Soothing Salve was received from Elio. However, my review is independent of that and reflects my personal feelings towards the product.

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